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Some Common Reasons Why Our Guests Choose to Stay at our Extended Stay Apartments
By: Coral Noyd ~ 10/25/2012

I've spent many years providing people affordable and comfortable temporary housing accommodations through our furnished apartments in Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue. It has always been an effort to make guests feel welcomed and at-home. My guests aren't the typical highway travelers looking for a one night accommodation option; more often than not, they aren't aware how long they will be in the place. Here's a list of reasons why people have chosen us:

  • Families whose homes were either damaged or destroyed by floods or fire. While they don't intend to stay for long, it could be several weeks before their homes can be inhabited again.  They've chosen us because we're close to services, schools, restaurants that they would need most.
  • Some guests, especially elderly couples who are on extended vacations choose us. Some of them stay for several months spending their time shopping, enjoying recreational activities in and around Seattle, and even volunteering for local charity events.
  • We've also entertained corporate professionals who are on long term assignments. Sometimes professional experts are hired by professionals to impart training to local staff. Private subcontractors employed to complete a local project also choose to stay at our apartments.
  • Sometimes senior executives who've either been transferred from other cities or newly appointed executives moving from other cities choose extended homes until they've been provided an accommodation by the company.

With such a diverse clientele, it is imperative that we personalize our services to meet their needs. For instance, people who've relocated from another town would need help in local service providers, restaurants, entertainment centers etc.  Even the apartments are completely furnished. All that the guest has to do to move in to a furnished apartment in Redmond is to unpack his/her suitcase! Every apartment is uniquely furnished and decorated. Thus, what you find in a furnished apartment in Bellevue isn't similar to what you find at the Woodinville apartment.