What Interent Can't Tell you about planning a trip?

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What Interent Can't Tell you about planning a trip?
By: Coral ~ 9/15/2018


I remember when I started planning my first trip. I had no idea what I was doing.

Many Questions were erupting from my brain



Started asking myself questions and found the answers after all …ing.
Planning a trip needs a lot of decision making, budgeting, organizing, researching, booking and many more …ing.

  1. Where should I travel?  I was planning for summer vacation inside the United States. Picking a location was immensely important for core planning. Will I be safe and happy in a new place? I should make memories in this summer. Then after a long search, I decided Seattle to be the place for this summer.
  2. What is my mode of transport? Flight was my mode of transport. When will I get a cheaper flight? I should figure out the day I am traveling and deals on every airline for the date. Flight booking round trip or one way?
  3. Should I plan with my buddies? Holidays will be so cool with our best buddies. Yes, I am traveling with a group of friends. Excited about a vacation ahead.
  4. Short stay or long stay? Of course, it is a long stay in summer holidays.
  5. How to plan my activities? I got many interesting places and things to do in Seattle after a long time of research. Checked out a blog and it gave me all the information I need to know about Seattle "15 Things to Do While You're Living in Seattle” it was breathtaking to imagine a trip with blogs and pictures.
  6. Should I check the weather? Yes, I planned in advance about the type of clothes for my luggage, taking a swimming suit, sunscreen, flip-flop, sling bag, sneaker shoes and many more.
  7. What is a travel insurance? Yes, I got to know about insurances for traveling.
  8. How much money do I need? Shshhh… Running my numbers.

After all these questions. A big decision to be made. Which should I choose?

Should I stay in a hotel or a short-term rental housing?

Started writing my pros & cons list

Hotel Stay

If I am staying in a hotel with amenities like a swimming pool, bar, room service, fitness room, coffee machine, parking, smoke-free hotel, vending machine, complimentary breakfast. Which means no cooking, no need of making my bed, no need of doing laundry and many more.
But if I have a big group of friends with me, should we stay isolated in different rooms? Will it be budget friendly?
Will I feel at home if my trip is long?

After hitting many dead balls got an idea about short-term housing

Yes, that was perfect with many pros in my list!!!

  1. My big group can stay together
  2. Feel at home
  3. We can cook
  4. Budget-friendly which is cheaper for a longer stay
  5. Close to downtown which makes easier for shopping, close to restaurants, close to pubs, close to parks and lot more destination in our radius
  6. Parking available
  7. Public transport is easily accessible
  8. Big living room for game nights and movies
  9. Private Porch with a view
  10. Place for barbeque
  11. All utilities
  12. Internet connection
  13. Cable connection
  14. Fully furnished and many more to add to the list

Fortunately, we found a place with all these pros with an amazing host. Check out “Between Moves” which had everything for a perfect Seattle summer vacation.

Got a temporary housing close to many best restaurants in Seattle, close to many hiking and cycling trails, parks, prime locations, and shopping.

So, what about you? Are you planning your summer vacation in Seattle? Need a home to explore Seattle?

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