Life in Seattle: What it's Like to Live and Work Here

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Life in Seattle: What it's Like to Live and Work Here
By: Coral ~ 10/15/2018

Are you getting ready to start a new life in Seattle? We'll give you an inside look at what it's like to live and work in one of the best cities in the country.

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Congratulations on your move to Seattle! You are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with taking care of all the moving details, but that is okay. Seattle will be worth your effort.

Seattle is known for its rain, its coffee, its beer, and its hipsters. Seattle has so much more to offer you and your family than those simple things, though.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about life in Seattle. Not only is it a new adventure, but the city might be vastly different from your current location. As for any move, it is important to stay as informed as possible.

Proper research can make or break a successful move. The good news is that you have made a great start by reading this article. Here are some of the things you need to be aware of before the big move.

Cost of Living

Perhaps the first thing you will want to consider is the financial situation you will be living in. Seattle, unfortunately, has a fairly high cost of living.

To be specific, the housing is one of the highest costs in the area. With a large number of people who have moved there over recent years, the housing economy in the area simply could not keep up. In fact, the housing in Seattle is 94% higher than the national average.

The saving grace here is that the salaries also tend to be higher than the rest of the country. Either way, Seattle is still worth your consideration for plenty of other reasons.

No Income Tax

For example, did you know that there is no income tax in the state of Washington? This can be a bit of relief when compared to the high cost of living.

Mild, But Rainy Climate

Seattle is known for being rainy and even somewhat gloomy throughout the year. With it being so far north and close to the Pacific Coast, the tropical feel never really leaves the area.

Fortunately, it never really gets too hot or too cold. The nearby ocean takes care of any extreme temperatures.

Perhaps rain doesn't bother you as much as it does others. That's a good thing because the average annual rainfall in Seattle is over 37 inches. Make sure you and your family pack plenty of umbrellas and rain boots!

Marijuana is Legal

It might take you a while to get used to this, but recreational marijuana is legal in Seattle. If you are coming from a city where pot is not allowed so freely, it might take you some time to adjust.

Don't worry, though. It's not like people are walking around the streets blowing marijuana puffs into children's faces. There is still a measure of decorum to be maintained.

Pot is not a problem in the area, and there are still regulations regarding impaired driving. You will be completely safe, even if a group of hipsters is smoking next door to you.

Coffee is King

There is another substance that is very common throughout the city of Seattle. Coffee is a big part of the culture there.

You might think you are a coffee expert, but wait until you get your hands on some of the locally grown coffee beans. Seattle raves about its high-quality coffee grounds. The heavy rainfall actually seems to help things growing in the area stay fresh and lush.

You might find yourself never wanting to leave just for the coffee alone! It's the perfect way to start your day on a rainy morning. It's also the perfect way to spend your afternoon and evening if you are a true coffee enthusiast!

There Are a Lot of Millennials

That large population of people moving to the city of Seattle is actually mostly made up of young adults. Something about the gloomy climate and availability of coffee and weed really draws the Millennial crowd.

This, though, is not a bad thing. Modern culture is thriving here, and technology is a booming industry that really helps out the local economy. Sure, they might play loud music, but so does every generation when they are still young.

The Outdoors Are Pristine

Perhaps you don't prefer the amount of rain you will be getting. Don't let it bother you because it actually has some benefits to the area.

Washington can boast of some really beautiful scenery, and the area around Seattle is no exception. Not only is the beach on the edge of the state, but there are plenty of mountains, too.

Take your time to explore all of the national parks on your weekends. If you enjoy any outdoor sports or activities, Seattle is the place for you. It is one of the best areas in the country for hiking, rock climbing, biking, running, or kayaking.

People in Seattle Love Their Dogs

Once you move to Seattle, you might notice the surplus of dogs as pets. Seattle, perhaps because of the Millennials, has a lot of friendly and happy dogs. If you have a dog or two of your own, you will fit right in.

You will constantly see them on walks or at parks. Don't be afraid to ask if you can pet one - they will definitely love the affection!

Seattle is Environmentally Friendly

Seattle, and the state of Washington itself, has built a reputation as being a progressive, forward-thinking community. That means they are aware of climate change and are fighting it at a local level.

Recycling is popular here. Maybe it's because of the proximity to the beautiful mountain ranges and national parks, but people in Seattle are dedicated to preserving their environment one way or another.

You'll Love Your New Life in Seattle

Life in Seattle might be entirely different from your current life somewhere else. That's okay because the city has plenty of positive things to offer you and your family.

We know how scary it can be to move to a brand new city, and we want to be here to help. Check out our website to research other local resources before your exciting move.