Tips on Working from Home

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Tips on Working from Home
By: Coral Noyd ~ 9/15/2020

Most of us are in the same situation on being furloughed or being laid off for the last three to four months because of the worldwide pandemic.  This means working from home and being home all day, every day either with kids and spouses or without.  This can be a big change and can be a lot to handle.  You might not know how to prioritize or how to stay focused or how to ensure you are being productive.  Here are some tips to help while in these crazy times!

Take breaks – This is so important to be able to stay focused and be productive throughout the day.  If you are with a company that requires you to be on the computer all day, you will want to take breaks to be able to get yourself away from that computer screen and refresh your eyes and your mind

Be comfortable – One of the best perks of having to work from home is you can stay in your pajamas!  For some people this does not work, some people have to get up and get dressed, but for some of us, being comfy is exactly what we need while in our own home.

Stretch and exercise – This goes hand in hand with taking breaks.  With the stay at home order in place and a lot of places shut down, there is not a lot of places to go.  Starting up yoga or daily stretches will help keep your body moving and help keep the blood flowing.  When you take your breaks, remember to stretch your legs and arms while making that third cup of coffee!

Find YOUR space – If you live with other people/pets, it might be difficult to be able to stray away from distractions.  It is important to find your own space where, kids, pets, and spouse know that when you are in your space, to not bother or bug you.  You can have that space as ‘off limits’ so you can continue to be productive during the day. 

Create a routine – Some jobs do not have the same routine every day, some do.  Whether you do have to do the same things and the same meetings, or you do not, you personally can still have a routine to keep you on track.  Maybe you wake up at 7AM, and have coffee by 7:30AM and get to work by 8AM, and the take your first break by 10AM…etc.  Routines create steadiness and create this sense of knowing what to expect for your day.  It also creates reward for when you break that routine, if you choose to watch Netflix one day instead, it will feel like you have earned that break and your mind is able to reset and get focused for the next day!

ENJOY! – Enjoy your time at home.  We are only so lucky to be able to have this much time with our family and our pets and our spouses, so enjoy this time and embrace those days that you are able to take off from work and do something fun!