Where to Order Thanksgiving Dinner in Seattle

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Where to Order Thanksgiving Dinner in Seattle
By: Coral Noyd ~ 11/15/2020

With the pandemic that is hitting Washington hard for the second time around, maybe you and your family do not feel like going to the store and gathering ALL the ingredients for a huge Turkey dinner. It may be easier this year to skip all the work and order Thanksgiving dinner out! Here are a few of the top restaurants that you can order dinner from this year!

Zylberschtein’s – This restaurant is Pinehurst Jewish Deli offers individual meals including an eight ounce turkey breast, roasted carrots, and garlic mashed potatoes. You can get this meal for $25! You also have the option to add a pie to your order for an extra cost! You can order here! https://www.zylberschtein.com/ 

The Shambles – This restaurant offers a $129 Thanksgiving Day Package which includes rolls, turkey, brussels sprouts, pancetta kits, pate, crackers, gravy, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie. You can pick up your packaged dinner on certain days during November right before Thanksgiving. http://www.delimeatsbar.com/ 

Addo – This special restaurant in Seattle takes a different twist on ordering Thanksgiving dinner. They have a couple of options that include, a Friendsgiving option which has turkey legs, pumpkin flan, and sangria included. You could go a non-traditional route which includes a package of a tater tot casserole, turkey chili with Cheetos and a cranberry Jell-O. Order from Addo today! https://www.ericriveracooks.com/stayathome 

Serious Take-Out – This restaurant is offering Thanksgiving Day Take Out Kits. They include stuffing, a crab dip, and a sage and herbed stuffed turkey breast. You can add on pies for an additional cost and also donate to the local food bank! Check them out here! https://www.seriouspieseattle.com/ 

Eden Hill Provisions – This family-friendly restaurant is offering $175 Thanksgiving Box. The box includes, turkey, rolls with butter, broccolini, salad, potato, and even flowers! You can always add on their delicious pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie or even bottles of wine! You can order up until November 23, 2020! https://www.edenhillprovisions.com/ 

Whether you decide to take on the task of making the big dinner at home or decide to choose a pick up dinner, stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!