Where to Find the Best Sledding Areas

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Where to Find the Best Sledding Areas
By: Coral Noyd ~ 1/15/2021

Well, it is that time of year again…snow! Although, Seattle has not seen a lot of snow fall yet, some other places have seen quite a bit of snow. Some people love the snow…some people do not, but the best thing to do in snow is to sled! Here are a few great places that are safe to get out of the house and go spend sometime in the fresh air while having fun!

-Summit at Snoqualmie has its own tubing area. For a very little price on Friday and Saturdays you can rent a tube and spend about an hour and a half sledding down a large hill and going back up, and then down again. This is a great thing to do with the entire family or even just the adults!

-Hyak Sno-Park is a park near Snoqualmie, but is completely unsupervised. Snoqualmie does take care of grooming this slop, BLOGPOST_TUBING.jpgbut has no other supervision. You do have to pay for parking, which is about $20.00. It can get pretty crowded, especially if the tubing at Snoqualmie is sold out, but is a great second option.

-If you are looking to have a little bit farther of a get away, you will want to head over to Leavenworth. Right outside of Lake Wenatchee State Park, is a tubing hill that was man made. It is not groomed and is not supervised by anyone. You do have to pay for the parking, but is only $20.00 for as long as you want. The snow can get very heavy here, so you will want to make sure to check the weather before heading down. It also might be a good idea to stay in Leavenworth at a hotel if you are making an all day trip down.

-Also in Leavenworth, the Leavenworth Winter Sports & Club offers two sledding slopes. One sledding hill is $23.00 for six runs with a tow rope, and the other sled is a walk up hill, and is $9.00 for as much as you want to walk up and down. Both of these slopes can get fairly busy during the weekends, but makes for a great getaway for the family!

There are quite a few spots that you can take the family and have some sled fun. Before going anywhere, ensure that you are checking the weather and planning your trip…even if it is just up to Snoqualmie Mountain for the day! Also, ensure that you have plenty of water and chains in case those are needed on the drive.

Now, go find a sled, and have some fun in the snow!