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A temporary home doesn`t need to be a cold and impersonal experience
By: Coral Noyd ~ 10/4/2012

Renting furnished apartments, especially in the Seattle area can save you hassle and time - but it can also limit your decorating options.  You don't have to be stuck with the limits of a furnished apartment, there are many ideas you can implement to make the space feel more like your home.

Decorate using your favorite colors
Although you may be stuck with the wall and carpet colors, you can accent a room with colors you love.  Look to accessorize the room of the furnished apartment with throw pillows, or picture frames on table tops using colors you enjoy.

Personalize the floor
If you don't love the carpet, you can find a throw or area rug that compliments the walls and furniture of your furnished apartment.  An area rug can change the look of a furnished apartment and be easily removed when moving out.

Move around the furnishings
Rearranging the furniture to fit your function of the room can personalize your furnished apartment choice.  Be sure to check with the landlord before implementing this change.  Additionally, asking for help from your new neighbors is a great way to introduce yourself!

Save money with your creativity
You can buy inexpensive materials from craft and sewing stores.  Adding pre-cut and sewed blankets and table cloths to the existing furnishings can change the look and feel of a room, or hide a worn and tired piece.

Put yourself into the room
Adding some of your personal items will also bring life into an already furnished apartment.  Some of your smaller (or larger) items that are meaningful to you will make the rooms feel more like you, while also making the furnished apartment feel more like home.

A temporary home doesn't need to be a cold and impersonal experience.  Chat with the landlord prior to renting, to know what types of changes you may be able to implement to make the furnished apartment space yours during your stay.